When it comes to freelancing it is all about being passionate, consistent and confident about your skills and temperament. while being in freelancers shoe there are a lot of thoughts that come across in the mind as he/she is the one who has taken a step to stand outside the crowd and be his/her own boss.

Let us talk about some genuine problems faced :

  1. Game of Extremes: Being a freelancer makes you either too busy or too idle, you have too much money or you’re cutting meals to make ends meet, you’re burdened with work meeting targets and completions, and then paid with steady amounts, there’s not a single lead coming your way. Not even one email, or a missed call from an unknown number, which keeps on bringing vulnerable thoughts to the mind.
  2. 9-5 office. We all hate monotonous office grind,Now, what if that’s not a concept anymore? What if you have no office timings. No nine-to-five.No Monday-to-Friday.No weekends.No state holidays, No bonus, no incentives,no increment, no promotion, no health benefits or insurance cover,As a freelancer, you don’t just leave your office you also leave all the benefits that come with it.
  3. Blind Trusts – More often than not, freelancers are working with different  clients they have no prior relationship with and have met over the internet. These clients, whom you know only by name, can consume you in any forms and will want you to work at a bare minimum price, on awfully unrealistic deadlines, and on delayed payment terms. And at times you have to bare them all for your obligations.
  4. Working but not an employer – Not having a full time job, where you wake up every morning and hibernate till  evening, does make people start taking you for granted. A society always has a chance to make you feel low and make you realise about future settlements of family and life. At mean times your work is also not considered of that stature. you are also given other work of not your type and you have to bear it all.
  5. Staying focused– Not that distractions don’t touch people working in an office, but the struggle is even more real when your home is your office! It could be your favourite series on netflix, your hobbies, your partime courses– you will notice that reasons for procrastinating with work come aplenty, but reasons to keep you motivated and focused hardly.