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Home / COC

We, at Quickenlancer, follow the ethics and we conduct our business with high moral to give the best experience to our users while they are on our site. The purpose of writing this code of conduct is to guide our users to maintain ethics while using our website. Violation of any of our COC and other policies may lead to the termination of your account or any other strict action may be taken.

Write to us in case of any query related to the content or any other policy.


Quickenlancer reserves right for the content posted by us but we are not responsible for the content posted by you, the users of Quickenlancer. Hence, you are solely responsible for whatever content is posted by you.

You will NOT POST content that includes the following:
  • Content that conflict with the copyright of any individual.
  • Pornography content.
  • Hate speech.
  • Content related to caste, creed, religion or gender.
  • Content that violets any sort of law.
  • False and meaningless content.
  • Content posted specifically to humiliate other users (Quickenlancer users as well as the outsiders).
  • Viruses or other programming contents aiming at harming our website.
  • Content that goes against any of the policies.
  • Spammy data.

User's Behavior

As an individual and user of the Quickenlancer website you are expected to follow the following behavioral ethics:

  • You must agree to all the policies of Quickenlancer.
  • You will act with topmost integrity.
  • You will not try to harm other users in any way.
  • You will not act based on the caste, creed, religion or gender of the coworkers in this platform.
  • You will write true and valid feedback about the freelancers.
  • You will not humiliate or harass your coworkers.


Before bidding on the project, please make sure you follow the following bidding ethics:

  • You will not bid on the projects that sounds suspicious and that may involve in the illegal activity.
  • You will not underbid to win the project because that may cause loss to others.

Reports & Complaints

You can write to us immediately if you have any of the following complaints:

  • You are being harassed by any other user of this website.
  • You have noticed any fraud and violation of our policies by coworkers.
  • If someone is posting irrelevant and spammy content.
  • If someone posted a fake project.
  • If someone from the Quickenlancer team asks you for any kind of commission or payment.


  • As we do not provide a platform for payment, we hold no responsibility if you face any problem in payment.
  • Both parties can use their own payment method for payment. As Quickenlancer is a free platform, we don't use any payment gateway on this website.
  • We accept donations and we also charge for featuring business profiles. However, these payments are optional; the user has to pay only if they are willing to pay.

Site Confidentiality

  • You are considered to respect our site’s confidentiality concerning our policies.

Respect Privacy of Other Users

  • You have to respect the privacy of others.
  • You will not ask for the personal details of the other users.
  • Do not spam the coworkers personally.
  • Be specific to the work. Communicate only if you have to talk about the project and work.
  • Quickenlancer is not responsible if anything comes wrong from a hired freelancer like project delivery, project budget.