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If you haven't posted a project but want to approach a Lancer directly, simply click on Find Lancer.

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  • 1. Post your dream project within few minutes, just click on
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  • 2. Analyse your project thoroughly and be ready to fill our website options.
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  • 5. It will be very helpful if you upload important file option in required format.

Step 4
See your work in "Posted Projects" option

  • 1. Posted Projects helps you keep the track record of all the projects you have posted.
  • 2. Helps you hire lancer and fix the project deadlines accordingly.

Step 5
Check the total bidders on your posted project

  • 1. Click on Click Here button to see all bids on your project.
  • 2. Thoroughly check and verify the genuine bid among all.

Step 6
Hire lancer that matches your project skills

  • 1. Once lancer is selected after bidding send a request clicking on Hire Me button.
  • 2. Finally wait for his acceptance and proceed with your project.

Step 7
Track your project work and status

  • 1. Once you finalise the project after successful bid, this option summarizes your entire process.
  • 2. It's keeps you updated with the project completion deadlines.
  • 3. After completion of project, change your status by clicking on Project Status button.
  • 4. Project Status button helps you boost your Profile Ratings.

Step 8
Give your feedback to lancer

Give the active feedback to your lancer, let him understand his strengths and shortcomings.

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