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Terms and Conditions

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This page is to specify the terms and conditions of By continuing using this website, you agree to our terms and conditions, which is a legal agreement between the users and Quickenlancer, so read it carefully before using our site. You must not use this site if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.

Quickenlancer is just a platform to connect buyers and sellers. We do not involve in any other activity. Every activity in the Quickenlancer website is carried out by the buyer and seller. So, we are not responsible for any unusual activity happening on our site. If you find any such activities, please write it to us immediately. We will take immediate action for resolving the issue.

The terms “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Website” and “Quickenlancer” are used collectively to represent Quickenlancer.

This site is not for minors. Use this site only if you are 18+. By continuing on this website, you legally accept that your age is at least 18 years.

Do not use this website if

  1. You are below 18 years.
  2. You are banned from the internet for spamming.
  3. You don’t have clear jurisdictions background.
  4. You are here to harass anyone for their caste, region, religion, gender, etc.
  5. You are here to spam other users of this website.
  6. You do not agree with any of our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other policies mentioned on our website.


The agreement between both the parties, i.e., buyers and sellers are your independent contract. "We are neither involved in this process nor we are responsible for any disputes between you both". Both parties must acknowledge and agree to the contract.

Once the buyer and seller agreed to work with each other, it is considered that both the parties have entered into a user agreement.

You must ensure that you are aware of any domestic laws (including common law), international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations relevant to you as a Buyer or Seller, or in any other uses you make of the website. In other cases depending on the respective jurisdictions the sellers and buyers may have some exceptional rights under the particular law that cannot be ignored or expelled, we have nothing as such in our policies that violate the jurisdiction with unfair contracts.


  • Content used in the Quickenlancer website has all rights reserved and are copyrighted to us. You, the user and/or any third person have no rights over our content. The content here is to educate our users about our website.
  • You are not supposed to post any content that violets the copyright of someone else’s site. If it happens, you will be liable for the same. We do not hold any responsibility for any copyright violation caused because of you (“you” here is used for the users of the Quickenlancer website).
  • Do not post hate speech and offensive content.
  • Do not post anything that violets our T&C and others.


  • We do not charge any commission from freelancers for bidding on projects.
  • We do not charge from employers for posting a job.
  • We do not charge for any membership.
  • We do not charge for promoting your job.
  • We do not charge for upgrading profiles.
  • We charge nothing for anything.
  • Both the parties have to use their payment method, and Quickenlancer has no role in it.
  • If anyone from the Quickenlancer team asks you for any fees, then write it to us immediately at

Account responsibility

  • Please do not share your login details with anyone. As mentioned above, if any violation or any suspicious activities occur from your account, then you will be solely responsible for the same, and this may result in your account suspension.
  • If you feel any threat to your account, then write it to us immediately. The Quickenlancer team will sort it out as soon as possible. We, at Quickenlancer, are bound to protect your privacy.

Quicken Business

  • Quicken business is a free opportunity for you to promote your business.
  • As the data submitted through the Quicken business is for your promotion, we assure you that we will not share your data with the third party.
  • For the promotion purpose, we may use public data like the company’s name, logo, images, etc.
  • It is expected that before submitting your details you have read our policies.
  • We do not charge anything for promoting your business. This is a free opportunity for your business promotion. If anyone from Quickenlancer team asks for any kind of fees please write it to us immediately.


We have already mentioned the cookies and data policy on our privacy policy page. To know how we store your data and how we use it, please visit our privacy policy page.


While we aim at helping you to our best, so we also expect the same in return and hence suggest you do not indulge in posting malicious and spammy content. Any misconduct found with your behavior can lead to the termination/suspension of your account on our website and that too without any warning. To know more about our COC, please visit the Code of Conduct page.


  • Some of the advertisements and promotions support us in one way or the other, so we are liable to display you such advertisements and promotions. So, with this, you agree that we may place such advertising and promotions on our Services or with respect to your content. These promotions and ads may be subject to change without your prior permission.
  • We may use your public details like Your name, your company’s name, and/or company’s logo for our promotion (especially on social media) with your feedback about our services.


We do not charge any commission or charges from freelancers for bidding on the projects neither we charge any fee from employers for hiring freelancers or posting projects/requirements on our platform. However, users have to pay if they are listing their business on Quicken business (promote business) and they choose to feature their business (which is optional).

We also accept donations but that is also optional; as we do not charge a fee from an employer and/or freelancer, donations can help us to keep running this platform effectively.

These Terms & Conditions were last updated on 28/09/2019.